Monday, August 30, 2010

Is your e-mail marketing falling on deaf eyeballs?

After spending oodles of money on the printing and postage needed to market your company through the mail, e-marketing seemed like a no-brainer. You could produce the same message, give it a creative spin and send it out to all your hot prospects for the cost of nothing! Enough of paying those big postal increases Uncle Sam demands. E-mail marketing is where it’s at.

Fast forward a few months later and you’ve been busy papering your prospects’ inboxes with all the latest news and fabulous, “can’t pass them up” offers from your company. At first, you got a good response. You fielded a few inquires from interested contacts and even got a couple takers for your fabulous offers. But, little by little the responses have dropped off. Now, when you send out your newest e-marketing message you hear the sound of crickets. Is anyone “listening” anymore?

Getting noticed in your prospect’s inbox can be more challenging than you think. Today’s inboxes are chock full of e-marketing messages. Amid all the clutter, your message may only get a glance so how do you turn that glance into action?

Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs offers some good suggestions on fine tuning your e-marketing messages. His quick tips are culled from the trial and errors of some of the big Fortune 100 e-marketers. This quick read is worth a quick glance that might translate into more action for your e-marketing.