Monday, February 28, 2011

Ryan William's Agency Client Wins Accolades for Innovation

We're thrilled for our client Carpenter's Roofing and Sheet Metal who received the prestigious Gold Circle Award from the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) last week in Las Vegas.

Sure, at first we figured the Carpenter's team just wanted an excuse to hang out in Sin City. But, they came home with the award for Innovative Solutions in New Construction. The award recognized an amazing roof Carpenter's completed at the Windsong II on Palm Beach. The roof was comprised of a swirl of 1100 individual and unique diamond shaped copper panels covering an elliptical dome. The dome was designed to mimic a similar pattern in the marble flooring of another home that was designed by local architect Thomas M. Kirchhoff, AIA.

Job well done Carpenter's Roofing and Sheet Metal! Congratulations!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

5 tips for picking a West Palm Beach advertising agency

Years ago the top minds here at RWA decided to take a page out of our own book and formulate a marketing plan for ourselves. Part of that plan required analyzing our competition. Sure we knew the handful of West Palm Beach advertising agencies we bumped into on a regular basis (some harder than others). So we expected to see them on the list of advertising agencies registered in Palm Beach County. What we didn’t expect to see was a list of 331 registered advertising agencies in the County.

331? Geez. How’s a business supposed to decide who to pick from that many choices?

If you’re considering hiring an advertising agency to help your South Florida business, here are five handy tips for picking the right agency.

1) Question the retainer. Most agencies charge a monthly retainer as part of your contract. While this is standard in the industry, the services covered by a retainer are not. Ask your potential agency what services are included in your monthly retainer fee. If the answer is not clear, look for another agency.

2) Don’t choose solely based on industry. Clients often look for advertising agencies that have experience in their specific industry. While experience can be very helpful, it can come with a downside. Agencies who handle a lot of clients in one specific industry can often provide a cookie-cutter approach, recycling ideas from one client to the next. An agency that has less experience in your industry can often offer a fresh approach that will differentiate you from your competition.

3) Look at impressive results not impressive credentials. A lot of South Florida agencies boast resumes packed with high powered positions in larger advertising markets. Let’s face it, Madison Avenue gets less enticing in the winter so a fair number of ad professionals head south to join the ad game in Florida. Just because the ad guy you’re interviewing produced a spot for a multi-million dollar client doesn’t mean he can get you the results you need on a less-than-million-dollar budget. Ask for examples of clients the agency has handled that are similar in size and budget. What results was the agency able to produce for them?

4) Take a tour of the agency. Different agencies have different personalities. Make sure your agency’s personality fits with your business’ personality. Choosing an agency is sort of like choosing a spouse. You will have to spend a fair amount of time together. You better like each other or you'll be headed for divorce.

5) Remember that size doesn’t matter. Good ideas can come from anyone. A big staff does not always mean big ideas, nor does it mean a better level of service. Take the time to interview smaller and larger agencies. Then make the decision as to which one works best for your company’s needs.

You have a lot of advertising agencies to choose from in West Palm Beach. Take your time and find the right fit for you. Happy hunting!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

West Palm Beach’s creative professionals share picks and pans from Super ad pool

If you’re like most of America, you watched the game last Sunday for… well, the game last Sunday. We creative folk, on the other hand, watched the game for something even more super. While you were running for another beer during commercial breaks, we were riveted to our television screens to see which of this year’s ads really “got game.”

Here are the top picks from our Ryan William’s Agency’s team of West Palm Beach ad pros:

Valerie Staggs, Head Person
Volkswagen “Black Beetle”
“The music is hip and new and draws you in from the start. I love that you don’t know what the spot is for, but you want to watch because the beetle is having so much fun. Great imagery.”

Mel Montes, People Person
Chevy Cruze “Misunderstanding”
“I used to live in Boca. I can totally relate.”

Sabrina Glover, Creative Person
Doritos “Finger Lick”
“The finger lick is so unexpected you can’t help but laugh. In one quick move it clearly delivers the message of “cheesiness.” Yum!”

Tammy Fazio, Production Person
Doritos “Finger Lick”
“I couldn’t stop laughing!”

Jason Upright, Copy Person
PepsiMax “Love Hurts”
“The wife is such a… well… you know… and you so expect her to get hers in the end. I like the unexpected twist when someone else gets it instead.”

Ryan Staggs, Ad Person in Training
E-Trade “Time Out”
“The baby is soooooo funny!!! I laughed my butt off!”

So which spot did we hate? Ryan William’s Agency staffers all agreed…

CocaCola “Heist”

“Um… huh? Somebody watched a little too much Avatar.”

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New West Palm Beach offices for Ryan William's Agency

After months of using our creative juices for something other than advertising (some of our art department staffers got to unleash their latent interior design skills), our new West Palm Beach offices are finally completed.

We showed off our new digs with an Open House for clients, vendors and friends. Over 100 people joined us for a backyard barbecue complete with a smoker cooking chicken and ribs, potatoes, salads and desserts courtesy of agency owner, Val Staggs. (While lacking in design expertise, Val was happy to show off her latent Julia Child skills). We even had a signature drink - CreativiTEA.

Check out more pictures of the party. Thanks to party guest, David R. Randell for capturing all the fun.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ryan William's Agency adds Social Media Marketing to advertising agency services

We're thrilled to launch a new division of Ryan William's Agency. Our Social Media Marketing division will assist clients in promoting their brands and driving sales through Social Media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.

With more and more sales being driven by the internet, every business should have a social media presence. If you don't, your competitors will so get out there and socialize.

Or, call us.