Monday, February 6, 2012

Super game, but not so super ads

Once a year, we local ad folks look forward to the Super Game (yeah, we know, can't use the real term... copyright laws and all). Sure we like the football part of things, but we're most excited about the commercial breaks and seeing what the world's top creatives have come up with this time. No pressure. You're just paying, oh, like a couple mil for your 30 seconds of fame.

This year's crop of ads was, well, not so bountiful. Doritos was a standout, as they have been in the past few years. The snack favorite's "Man's Best Friend" spot where a dog bribes a man with Doritos so he won't nark about the missing cat was gut bustingly funny as was "Sling Baby." Regular contender E-Trade's baby cleverly incorporated speed dating into a hospital nursery scene and Budweiser, as always, showcased stunning production with elaborate spots about the end of prohibition and war. Watching the Coca Cola polar bears back on screen was enjoyable too.

The succession of car ads blurred a bit although Volkswagen's "The Dog Strikes Back" ad was entertaining and Chevy's "Stunt" ad for the new Sonic intrigued although perhaps not in the best way.

Unfortunately the disappointments were many. Go Daddy's sex fantasy ads were less shocking that just mundane as the domain register sinks further and further into juvenile territory. Careerbuilder's monkey antics are similarly getting a little old; the company's ad about monkeys playing practical jokes on their fellow business traveler was barely funny. And, the shrunken head emerging from the shoulder of a shopper? Disturbing in an Alien Returns sort of way.

Missed a few spots? Check 'em all out and vote for your favorites online.