Friday, March 25, 2011

New G.E. Sock Loss movement puts great Experiential Marketing spin on long-time brand

Ever wonder where those missing socks go after you throw them in the dryer? The mystery remains, but dryer-maker G.E. is bringing the problem to the consciousness of society with a fabulous and funny new campaign.

Under the persona of L.O.S.S. (Laundered and Orphaned Sock Society), G.E. has launched an innovative website ( where users can report a missing sock, view videos of protestors outside laundromats, join the laundry reform movement and, oh, register to win a new washer and dryer.

Kudos to G.E. for a new spin on an old brand.

Now, if they could just find my missing socks.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What makes your brand unique?

Call it what you will – a brand proposition, unique selling point, brand personality, brand image; it’s the thing that makes your brand truly unique. The operative word here is “unique” and too often a brand’s proposition, USP, whatever, is really not unique.

Case in point: in our first meeting with a new client we pose the question “What makes you stand out from your competitors?” The client 9 times out of 10 returns an answer of “Our customer service.” Hmm, we think. We’ve heard that before. Their competitor is probably saying the same thing. So we delve a little deeper and ask “If I were to meet your brand at a party, shake hands with it and chit chat a little, how would you want me to remember you?” A stare. A head tilt. Crickets.

One of advertising’s pioneers David Ogilvy wrote about brand image in his book Ogilvy on Advertising.

He used the example of Jack Daniel’s whiskey as a brand with a clear brand personality. If you met Jack Daniel’s at a party, you would most likely walk away thinking “There’s a real quality guy. Down-to-earth with old fashioned values, yet classy.” Now, ask yourself how you would describe Old Crow whiskey.

Marlboro didn’t promise good service in its 25 plus year campaign featuring the Marlboro Man. Cowboys don’t care about good service and what guy doesn’t want to be a cowboy? Well, maybe not now, but back then the cowboy image made Marlboro the number one selling cigarette.

Defining your brand’s image is not easy. Just like people, brands can have complex personalities. But, before you spend valuable marketing dollars marketing your brand, take some time to define what it really is. The clearer your image of your brand the better impression you will leave on all those partygoers who will mix and mingle with it now and into the future.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ryan William’s Agency recognized in 2011 ADDY Awards Competition

The dresses weren’t as elaborate as the Golden Globes, but the “who’s who” of South Florida advertising all came out for the 2011 ADDY Awards Competition this past Thursday night. The American Advertising Federation’s annual competition recognizing creative excellence, the ADDY Awards are our industry’s equivalent to the Golden Globes, minus the diamonds and designer ballgowns.

We were thrilled to be recognized not once… not twice…, but NINE TIMES for work Ryan William’s Agency completed this past year.

We took home two Golds and two Silver ADDYs for Downtown at the Gardens projects including window graphics, posters and displays for Downtown’s new carousel.

We also took home Gold for work completed for Carpenter’s Roofing and Sheet Metal, Seacrest Services and even our own stuff!

Once a year at the ADDY Awards we get to enter campaigns that we thought were great, but never saw the light of day. The judges thought our pitch to the South Florida Fair was as good as we did and gave it a Gold ADDY. Maybe next year Fair board?